I am the privacy researcher at Brave Software, where I work on new ways to improve privacy and security on the web, and to measure the risk of new threats to Brave browser users.

Research Interests

I research web security and privacy, including browser hardening techniques and measuring how the growth of the Web API has impacted user privacy and security. I use this research to build access control systems for browser functionally and tools for deploying web applications that provide stronger privacy and security guarantees for users.


Other Significant Writing


  • Instructor for Software Design – UIC CS342 2017
  • TA for Computer Networks – UIC CS450 2017, 2015

Talks, Posters and Presentations

Other Positions and Accomplishments

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Community Involvement

  • CSAW 2018 PC Member
  • CHI Late Breaking Work 2018 External Reviewer
  • USENIX Security 2017 External Reviewer
  • NDSS 2017 External Reviewer
  • S&P 2016 External Reviewer
  • CCS 2016 External Reviewer
  • CCS 2015 External Reviewer
  • NDSS 2013 External Reviewer

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