I am the privacy researcher at Brave Software, where I work on new ways to improve privacy and security on the web, and to measure the risk of new threats to Brave browser users.

Before joining Brave, I worked on my PhD in the Computer Science department at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the BITS Lab, working under the kind and knowledgable guidance of Chris Kanich.

Research Interests

I research web security and privacy, including browser hardening techniques and measuring how the growth of the Web API has impacted user privacy and security. I use this research to build access control systems for browser functionally and tools for deploying web applications that provide stronger privacy and security guarantees for users.


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  • Instructor for Software Design – UIC CS342 2017
  • TA for Computer Networks – UIC CS450 2017, 2015

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Community Involvement

  • WWW 2020 PC Member
  • CSAW 2019 PC Member
  • Journal of Cybersecurity 2019 External Reviewer
  • MADWeb 2019 PC Member
  • DTL Grants 2018 PC Member
  • CSAW 2018 PC Member
  • CHI Late Breaking Work 2018 External Reviewer
  • USENIX Security 2017 External Reviewer
  • NDSS 2017 External Reviewer
  • S&P 2016 External Reviewer
  • CCS 2016 External Reviewer
  • CCS 2015 External Reviewer
  • NDSS 2013 External Reviewer

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